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I am here to narrate stories that convey emotions, moods, give ideas and messages that, in some cases, I won't spell out. It is up to you to do the reading. Interested? Then kindly click on GALLERIES and you will be surfing through thirty-eight theme based galleries which display 1178 black and white as well as colour photographs.

The galleries' titles are:

Intimate / Resilience / Solitude / Feelings / Sentimental Tomar / Winter Wonderland / The East Coast / Precambrians II / Harsh / AutoWreck-AutoNew / Body Parts / Mennonite Country / Badlands / Precambrians / Auto Wreck / Diagonals / Artistic Nudes / More Portraits / Legs / The Wave / Andrea in Black and White / Black and White Portraits / War Reenactments / Interpreters from Living Museums / The Colorado Plateau / Watkins Glenn State Park

This site will evolve and grow as I continue to explore and discover new and fascinating subjects.
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