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When Gaetano and I started working on this, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, or what he wanted, I've never been a model before. I was afraid of looking 'silly' and I was pretty nervous. I didn't feel comfortable in front of the camera and it showed in the first set of pictures he took. So we decided to try again. I wanted the pictures to be better than the first ones, so I calmed my nerves, relaxed and eventually let my personality shine through. I certainly had more fun during the second shoot, and it showed!
I've received many compliments on the pictures from family and friends, and as much as Gaetano dislikes to take the credit for them, I give a lot of it to him. He is the one that senses the moment and captures the essense of that moment forever.
Thank you Gaetano for allowing me to be a part of your ambition to become a great photographer.