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The images for sale are in the following galleries:
Winter Wonderland / Precambrians II / Harsh / AutoWreck-AutoNew / Body Parts / Badlands / Precambrians / Auto Wreck / Diagonals

Giglée prints are produced in house with archival inks, on archival papers, in limited editions of 25 for each size.

The sizes available are:
Image size: 7.50"x10" printed on 8.50"x11" paper
Image size: 11.25"x15" printed on 13"x19" paper
Image size: 15"x20" printed on 17"x22" paper

Horizontal Orientation on Paper

20"x15" on 22"x17"
15"x11.25" on 19"x13"
10"x7.50" on 11"x8.50"

Vertical Orientation on Paper

7.50"x10" on 8.50"x11"
11.25"x15" on 13"x19"
15"x20" on 17"x22"